1.New York Strip  2.Top Sirloin  3.Rib Eye
New York Strip 336 gm of premium cut. SR 110.00
Top Sirloin 252 gm of lean sirloin steak seared to perfection. SR 95.00
Rib Eye 336 gm of generous cut. SR 115.00

Steak Sirloin & Skewered Grilled shrimps
Our 7 oz sirloin steak paired with marinated skewered shrimps.
SR 129.00

NEW Asiago Sirloin & Hand-Breaded Shrimp
7 oz sirloin perfectly seasoned and flavored with cracked peppercorns, Parmesan cream sauce, and shaved Asiago cheese, paired with our crispy shrimps. SR 109.00

Sirloin Steak & Lobster Tail RT
Our 7 oz sirloin steak paired with a sweet and tender broiled lobster tail. SR 129.00

NEW Cajun Rib Eye
336 gm Flavorful Rib Eye rubbed with blackening Cajun spices.
SR 115.00

Rib Eye Teriyaki & Shrimps
Perfectly grilled peppercorn-seasoned ribeye covered in teriyaki sauce and served with golden fried shrimps. SR 129.00

NEW Peppercorn Mushroom Sirloin
252 gm Top Sirloin dusted with pepper seasoning and grilled, topped with mushrooms roasted with garlic and herbs. SR 99.00

NEW T-Bone Steak
336 gm Seasoned and flavored T-Bone cut, cooked to perfection.
SR 135.00.

Steak AD-Ons
Add one or more of the following delicious options to enhance your steak selection.
Skewered Grilled Shrimp SR 20.00
Choose your sauce only for SR 12.00
Parmesan Cream – Teriyaki Peppercorn Mushroom

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