All ribs & chops are served with your choice of two sides.

Classic Ribs
Beef slow cooked for hours until they fall off the bone, served atop mashed potatoes with mushroom sauce.
One piece SR 99.00  
Two pieces SR 149.00

Ribs & Chicken Tenders
Relish our Barbecue ribs (one piece) paired with our hand breaded chicken tenders. SR 129.00

NEW Lamb Shank With Rice RT
Soft and succulent oven braised lamb shanks served atop Saffron rice only. SR 75.00

Ribs & Hand-Breaded Shrimp
Crisp, golden – brown shrimps, mixed with a bit of Cajun spice paired with one piece of barbecue beef ribs. SR 129.00

NEW Veal Chop
300 gm tender, grilled to perfection blasted with cilantro pesto and served atop mashed potato only. SR 119.00

Fresh Sides SR 12.00
Onion Rings • Rice Pilaf • Sautéed Mushrooms Fresh Hot Fries • Corn • Mashed Potatoes Fresh Chef’s Vegetables • Fresh Baked Potato(when available) 
Garlic Bread

Premium Sides
Fresh Steamed Broccoli. SR 15.00
Fully Loaded Baked Potato. SR 18.00

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