Chocolate Brownie
Our rich brownie is topped with vanilla ice cream and drizzled in chocolate sauce. SR 30.00

Double Chocolate Cake 
Double chocolate cake with a melted heart of chocolate. Served with a scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream and accented with strawberry sauce. SR 34.00

Chocolate Tallcake 
Layered chocolate cake and mousse with caramel, chocolate sauces and vanilla ice cream. Topped with whipped cream. SR 38.00

NEW Fresh Fruit Salad
Fruity goodness of mixed fresh seasonal fruits topped with mango puree & pistachio nuts. SR 32.00

NEW Strawberry Crepes
It´s a strawberry delight, sweet crepes filled with chocolate and strawberries. Topped with chocolate syrup, fresh strawberries and a dollop of whipped cream. SR 30.00

NEW Apple Crumbles
Juicy apple bits sprinkled with cinnamon crumbles, caramel and powdered sugar, served with rich vanilla ice cream. SR 42.00

Chocolate Monkey
Our chocolate mousse cake on a bed of fresh banana topped with vanilla ice cream, then, drenched with caramel and chocolate syrup sprinkled with roasted almonds. SR 38.00

NEW Chocolate Fondue
It’s an erupting volcano! Dip in your choice of fresh fruit cubes, marshmallows, cookies in melting, warm, syrupy and yummy chocolate fondue. SR 36.00

Thick, rich and creamy cheesecake. Topped with a generous blanket of strawberry puree. SR 36.00

Banana Supreme
Your favorite -3 flavored ice cream on a bed of fresh bananas topped with your favorite flavors. Garnished with fresh banana, aerosol whipped cream and roasted almonds. SR 32.00

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